dentist with nurse wearing loupes


Improve your vision and your posture with a set of our lightweight surgical and dental loupes.

Your loupes options

flip up surgical loupes

Flip Up Loupes

£325 or £39/month

(also available in $ and €)

Flip up loupes offer you the most affordable entry point into loupes ownership. Perfect for students starting out or those on a limited budget.

TTL loupes

TTL Loupes

£545 or £55/month

(also available in $ and €)

Our TTL loupes are far more popular with professionals. Significantly lighter on the nose, easier to use and maintain, and vastly superior optical quality.

TTL HD loupes

TTL HD Loupes

£795 or £79/month

(also available in $ and €)

Quite simply our best pair of loupes. One of the lightest sets in the market, with crisp edge-to-edge clarity, and offering a full arch view even at 3.5x magnification.


Here's how it works


Decide on your loupes.

Decide whether Flip Up, TTL or TTL HD style suits you best, and the magnification that you’d prefer. If you need advice, we are here to help 7 days a week.


Take two simple measurements.

Follow our guide and within minutes you’ll have the precise measurements we need to make your loupes with pinpoint accuracy.


Place your order online.

Checkout online, either paying upfront or on a 6 month interest free payment plan, and receive your loupes directly to your door once they’re ready.

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