Loupes Costs Explained

Our dentists answer some of the most common questions concerning the cost of loupes.

How much do dental loupes cost?

Many companies choose not to disclose the price of their loupes on their websites. This gives them flexibility to vary the price for each customer and enabling them to always ‘secure a sale’. To help you learn what the actual prices of loupes are, we have split them into three main ranges:

Cheap loupes

You'll be able to find loupes on eBay or Amazon for £30 / $35. The saying you get what you pay for holds true - the optical quality is poor and the frame made from a cheap plastic. These loupes can cause more harm than good to your eyes over time due to poorly configured optics

Affordable loupes

Loupes with good optical properties from a reputable company start from around £500 / $600. These loupes are typically sold directly to the customer online, reducing costs which in turn allows more affordable pricing.

Expensive loupes

Some loupes companies still operate using face-to-face fitting appointments. These loupes can cost up to £4000 / $5000. A significant proportion of the cost of the loupes is due to the expense of employing a large team of sales reps to conduct these fitting appointments.

Types of Loupes

The second major factor that determines the price you'll pay for loupes is the type of loupes that you decide on. Flip up loupes are the cheapest type of loupes, as they are mass produced and do not require individual customisation. TTL (through-the-lens) loupes are usually more expensive because they are manufactured individually according to the requirements of the user.

Why are dental loupes so expensive?

affordable dental loupes

As discussed above, there are many external factors that influence the price of loupes aside from the actual cost of manufacturing the loupes. In a similar way to the fact an iPhone only costs around £100 / $150 to produce, with loupes the individual component costs account for a fraction of the overall price. 

The process by which you purchase your loupes will have a major effect on the cost. If you were to purchase from a traditional loupes company, they’ll send a sales rep to you to take your order. This is an expensive way to deliver loupes – the salary and travel expenses of the sales rep are factored into the price of your loupes. As not all sales rep appointments will result in a sale, the price of everyone’s loupes is increased to cover unsuccessful visits. 

A large team of sales reps require offices for coordination, which is again another expense. Finally, loupes companies that only sell on a face-to-face basis market themselves at dental trade shows. A stand at one of these shows costs thousands to secure.

Companies that provide their loupes online, such as The Loupes Company, do not employ a sales force.  Instead we use sophisticated digital methods to obtain the necessary measurements. The loupes are then delivered directly to you at a reduced cost.

Are loupes tax deductible?

An expense can only be deductible if it is used wholly, exclusively and necessarily in the performance of the duties of the employment.

- HMRC (Section 336)

As set out by HMRC (in the UK), dental loupes meet the requirements for a deductible tax expense. They are used wholly and exclusively in a dentist’s line of work, and are necessary to provide satisfactory patient care. If you require assistance claiming the tax expense on your loupes purchase, please speak to your accountant or one of our team.

If you are an international dentist and purchase your loupes from us whilst in the UK, you will be able to reclaim the VAT (value added tax) at customs on your departure from the UK. Please speak to us if you need help claiming this.

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