Flip Up Loupes

Affordable Magnification

Flip up loupes are the most affordable entry point into loupes ownership. The optics are attached on a hinge, allowing them to be ‘flipped up’ when talking to your patients.

Your Flip Up options

From lower magnifications for those starting out, to higher magnifications for experienced users, we’ve got you covered.

flip up dental loupes

Flip Up Galilean Loupes

2.5x - 3.5x magnifications

At lower magnifications, you can see a larger area (known as the field of view) when looking through your loupes. This makes them great for general dental and surgical work, including dental hygienists and facial aestheticians.

flip up surgical loupes

Flip Up Keplerian Loupes

4.0x - 5.0x magnifications

Our Keplerian loupes use prismatic optics to make finer details easier to see. 4.0x and 5.0x are the magnifications of choice for endodontics, ear micro-suction and experienced loupes users.


Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare

We use a system of precision crafted, anti-reflection and anti-fog lenses to provide you with an uncompromised viewing experience. Simply choose your magnification and frame colour, and within days you are up and running. 

Adjustable Declination Angle

The 3 point mechanism on our flip up loupes allows you to adjust the declination angle to suit your preferences. A steeper optical angle results in reduced neck strain, ensuring comfort as you work. 

Prescription Flexibility

Easily add your prescription using our custom designed removable prescription insert. This gives you the option to conveniently change your prescription over time, which unlike other companies, eliminates the need to buy a whole new set of loupes. or pay for expensive adjustments.

LED Light

We work with LumaDent and OriginalOptics to bring two of the lightest and brightness headlights to your door. Each has a battery life of at least 15 hours and weighs just 5 grams. You’ll also receive £60 off your light when you purchase it as a bundle with a set of our loupes.

Invest in your new loupes today

Technical Specifications

Flip Up Galilean Loupes

2.5x Magnification

Field of view: 90mm
Depth of field: 120mm
Total weight: 60g

3.0x Magnification

Field of view: 75mm
Depth of field: 110mm
Total weight: 60g

3.5x Magnification

Field of view: 60mm
Depth of field: 100mm
Total weight: 60g

Flip Up Keplerian Loupes

4.0x Magnification

Field of view: 50mm
Depth of field: 100mm
Total weight: 65g

5.0x Magnification

Field of view: 40mm
Depth of field: 100mm
Total weight: 65g

Please note that these figures are average values. You may find your depth of field varies slightly depending on your ciliary reflex. The field of view shown is taken at 420mm working distance.

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