Loupes FAQs

Get answers from our specialist team

How do your loupes compare to others?

Most loupes brands will try and justify their high prices by advertising features that our loupes have had from the very beginning. When you first try on our loupes you will notice these features:

  1. A full dental-arch field of view, even at 5x
  2.  Lightweight – our prismatic loupes are the lightest on the market (just 54 grams)
  3. Depth of field – twice that of the industry average
  4. Frame material – all our loupes use an aircraft-grade lightweight aluminium frame, stronger enough to ensure that the optics do not misalign with time, and light enough to comfortably wear all day

What is the field of view?

This is the area that you can see when looking through the optics of the loupes. A wider field of view is easier to use as instruments can be introduced into your working field with ease and there is no need to reposition yourself should the patient move. A larger field also allows better perspective and angulation of instruments relative to adjacent structures, for example, the angulation of drills during access cavity preparation.

What is the depth of field / depth of focus?

This is the distance that you can move towards and away from your patient and still retain focus. A larger depth of focus provides greater comfort throughout the day, as a small depth of focus can be restrictive and cause muscle and joint pain over a long period of time.

Can I arrange a demo?

Although around 95% of our customers prefer to buy online, we can understand if you’d like to come and see the loupes in person. We currently offer appointments in Central London and High Wycombe – get in touch to book one in.

What do your loupes weigh?

Our loupes, especially our TTL HD loupes, are some of the lightest loupes on the market by a significant margin.

2.5x = 42g
3.0x = 42g
3.5x = 42g
4.0x = 54g
5.0x = 54g

Both of our lights weigh just 5g.

How long will my loupes take to arrive?

Flip Up loupes are held in stock for immediate dispatch. Once we have received all your details, TTL loupes will take 3-5 weeks to be made.

You’ll receive an email to confirm when they’re ready, together with the tracking information.

Do you offer free trials?

We are so confident you’ll love your loupes that all of our loupes come with a 30 day trial, which starts from the day you receive them. We think this is more useful than a 20 minute fitting appointment.

We would love to offer free trials but unfortunately are unable to do so due to the bespoke nature of the majority of our loupes.

What discounts do you offer?

Students in full time education can receive up to £100 off their loupes, whilst ORE / F1 / F2 dentists and F1/F2 doctors receive up to £50 off their loupes. 

We also provide bespoke packages for groups of 5 or more.