Loupes Measurements

Please use the guide below to determine your working distance and inter-pupillary distance for your loupes

Pinpoint Accuracy

Traditional companies require a fitting appointment to calculate your measurements, which increases the overall cost of loupes. We have worked with opticians to develop technology that allows you to take these measurements digitally, from the comfort of your own home, with a high degree of accuracy. Our 30 day trial period allows you to purchase your loupes with complete confidence.

Working Distance

The working distance is defined as the distance from the loupes to the object being observed.
​Equipment required: tape measure and chair

Step 1

Dental Working Distance
Sit in an adjustable chair, as if you were working on a patient. It is important to sit in an ideal posture, as this is the posture you will be using when wearing the loupes:

  • Feet flat on the floor
  • Thighs parallel to the floor
  • Straight back
  • Arms at a 90 degree angle
  • Elbows close to the body

All Other Working Distances
If you are not a dentist, please sit or stand in your usual working position, maintaining a comfortable posture and straight back. Then proceed to step 2 to measure your working distance.
posture for loupes

Step 2

Maintaining your position in Step 1, hold a tape measure in one hand and draw it towards your eyes with the other hand.

Measure the distance between your eyes and the base of the tape measure as shown.
working distance loupes

Interpupillary Distance

This measurement is only required for Custom TTL Loupes and Custom TTL HD Loupes.

​The inter-pupillary distance is defined as the distance between the two pupils of your eyes.​
​Equipment required: camera, tape measure and a ruler

We use technology to analyse your photos that calculates your inter-pupillary distance within 0.1mm.

Step 1

Hold a ruler above your eyes, making sure it is parallel with the floor and touching the centre of your forehead.

Step 2

Ask a friend to take a photo of you at a distance away from your face that is your working distance (measured above). Use a tape measure whilst taking the photo to ensure this distance is correct. 

​Ensure that:
  • The flash is turned on in all photos. In the photo, there should be a small white dot in the centre of each pupil
  • The photo is taken in a well lit location, and is of good quality
  • The ruler is parallel with the floor, and not bent
  • The phone is at eye level

Repeat this step twice more so that you have a total of 3 photos.​
inter pupillary measurements for dental loupes

Step 3

Send us your 3 photos using this form.

​Alternatively you can send your photos via WhatsApp or iMessage to +44 (0) 7842 639815.

We will then determine your inter-pupillary distance for you.