Custom TTL Loupes

Lightweight Perfection

Improve your vision and your posture with high quality lightweight loupes that completely bespoke to you and made from aircraft grade aluminium.

In TTL loupes, the optics are placed directly into the frame lenses, enhancing the viewing experience and significantly reducing the weight.

Your TTL options

Maybe you’re looking to get started as a student. Or you’re after loupes that are super lightweight and provide the best viewing experience. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

ttl loupes

Custom TTL Loupes

​​Improve your vision and your posture Simply put, our TTL loupes allow you to see better, resulting in higher quality clinical work that is easier to achieve. An aircraft grade aluminium frame ensures the perfect balance between strength and lightness, allowing you to wear them all day long.

TTL HD loupes

Custom TTL HD Loupes

Our best pair of loupes. The exclusive use of rectangular lenses significantly reduces the weight, ensuring maximum comfort from your first patient to your last. Our 3.5x TTL HD loupes are just 42 grams, making them one of the lightest pairs on the market. And an all-new series of lenses provides you with the largest and clearest viewing field we’ve ever made.

What makes our TTL loupes so popular?

Our customers consistently tell us that that our optics are comparable with those found in loupes three times the price from traditional loupes companies.

Our TTL loupes are the result of years of dedication and research…

Full Arch View

An impressive field of view of up to 150mm maximises the area that you can see, allowing easier dental or surgical work and eliminating eye fatigue. At any magnification, even 5.0x, our field of view is so large that the entire dental arch is visible.

Large Depth of Field

The depth of field is the distance you can move towards and away from the patient whilst maintaining focus. At up to 250mm depth of field, our loupes ensure complete focus when your patient moves, or when you’re working at different distances.

Lightweight Strength

An aircraft grade aluminium frame offers the perfect balance between strength and weight. Our 3.5x magnification loupes weigh just 42 grams! The shape-memory frame arms can be moulded to the shape of your ears and facial anatomy, allowing you to distribute the weight more evenly and maximise comfort.

Anti-Fog, Anti-Glare

We use a system of precision crafted, anti-reflection and anti-fog lenses providing you with an uncompromised viewing experience.

Prescription Flexibility

Easily add your prescription using our custom designed removable prescription insert. This gives you the option to conveniently change your prescription over time, which unlike other companies, eliminates the need to buy a whole new set of loupes. or pay for expensive adjustments.

LED Light

We’ve partnered with both LumaDent and OriginalOptics to bring two of the smallest, lightest dental loupes lights to our customers. With each light weighing just 5 grams, and featuring an all day battery life, illumination has never been better. Save £60 when you purchase loupes and light together.

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Technical Specifications

Custom TTL Loupes

2.5x Magnification

Field of view: 130mm
Depth of field: 200mm
Total weight: 51g

3.0x Magnification

Field of view: 115mm
Depth of field: 180mm
Total weight: 51g

3.5x Magnification

Field of view: 100mm
Depth of field: 140mm
Total weight: 51g

Custom TTL HD Loupes

2.5x Magnification

Field of view: 150mm
Depth of field: 250mm
Total weight: 42g

3.0x Magnification

Field of view: 135mm
Depth of field: 230mm
Total weight: 42g

3.5x Magnification

Field of view: 120mm
Depth of field: 190mm
Total weight: 42g

Please note that these figures are average values. You may find your depth of field varies slightly depending on your ciliary reflex. The field of view shown is taken at 420mm working distance.

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