Which loupes do you need?

With an array of loupes available, our team of dentists provides their expert advice to help you buy your loupes.  

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Dental loupes magnification

Please note that the image are not representative of field of view. All our loupes provide a full dental arch view, even at 5.0x magnification.

Flip Up vs TTL loupes

Flip Up Loupes

More affordable
Can be shared between users

Heavier in weight
Smaller field of view
Smaller depth of field
Require adjustment after putting on

TTL Loupes

Lighter in weight
Larger field of view
Larger depth of field
Always in the correct position

Larger investment
Tailored to the individual

How do I choose my loupes?

Choosing your loupes ultimately comes down to personal preference. As dentists ourselves we personally prefer TTL loupes due to the comfortable weight and significantly improved viewing experience. The benefit of the slightly larger upfront investment over flip up loupes becomes quickly apparent.


We offer two types of TTL loupes to cater to a range of budgets. Both are an excellent set of loupes, but the TTL HD loupes have the edge in terms of weight and clarity.

Dental loupes working distance

posture for loupes

Whether you are interested in Flip Up or TTL loupes, we only need 1 or 2 measurements respectively in order to make your loupes.

These can be taken from the comfort of your own home with pinpoint accuracy. Please click the following link to take your measurements.